Hawke 1/10 MRAD Interchangeable Turrets


Customise the click value of the Sidewinder ED with patented exposed, locking and interchangeable turrets. Measured to fit, the 1/10 MRAD turrets perfectly compliment the Sidewinder ED's TMX reticle, which is based on Mil Dot spacing. 10 clicks equal one full MRAD, which is the space between two mil dots.

Each turret type has exact matched internal components to ensure precise click adjustments. The ability to replace turrets ensure a scope that will last the test of time, no matter how much dialling between distances is needed.

By simply unscrewing the locking collar the turret can be lifted off and removed from the scope. When removed the scope remains sealed against air or moisture ingress. Each turret has indexed teeth to ensure that the location and alignment are kept during installation. Push down on the turret, screw the locking collar back down and the scope is ready for use.


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Product Description

  • 1 click = ⅒ MRAD = 0.36” @ 100yds = 10mm @ 100m
  • Each full rotation contains 30 clicks, equivalent to 3 full MRAD
  • A built-in scale shows clearly how many full rotations have been made when dialling between distances.
  • Each turret is equipped with a locking dial on its top, so no accidental click movement can happen during transport or use.

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